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Philanthropist and Entrepreneur Adrian Fox Works to Make Life Better for his Fellow Countrymen
One of the most admirable things a successful person can do is to use that success to give back to one's own community. Dr. Adrian Fox is an entrepreneur and philanthropist who has seen enormous success in his lifetime, and now he wants to pay it forward to the people of his beloved Bahamian islands.
Dr. Adrian Fox Bahamas entered the world on 12 January 1969. He attended elementary school at St. Bedes Primary School in the Bahamas, moved on to Donald W. Davis Middle School, and completed his secondary education at R.M. Baily High School. However, Dr. Fox was not a full-time student as he was growing up. Rather, he began working at a very tender age in the service industry.As a teen, Dr. Fox worked in the most common industry in the Caribbean, tourism and service. His first job was at a restaurant called Captain Nemo's, a popular tourist attraction. He also worked at the Cafe Martinique and 5 Twins, both within the popular Atlantis Resort. Even as a young man, Dr. Fox saw the potential for growing businesses. While working at these restaurants, Dr. Fox managed a hair salong, and he oversaw a newspaper stand as well as a phone card business. As he grew older, he wanted his own businesses to run. He opened Foxies Liquor along with Foxies Restaurant and Bar, and a clothing store - the Obsession Designs.As his restaurant and other businesses grew, Dr. Fox decided to dabble in real estate. He developed the Brickell Real Estate company, as well as ILTV and the Tresor Rare Parfumerie.Dr. Fox's strong work ethic and head for business brought him much personal success; however, he knew something was missing. He saw the people of his country suffering due to multiple natural disasters and an economy that wasn't sustainable. At that time, he founded the Fox Foundation, his personal organization for philanthropy. Dr. Fox had lived through multiple natural disasters himself, and he personally understood the devastation. However, it was the ecological natural disaster in St. Vincent that served as the catalyst for his desire to provide relief for the Bahamian people.
A featured guest writer in the Jerusalem Post, Dr. Fox wrote about the flooding and other disasters affecting St. Vincent: "Possessing direct experience of living through a natural disaster . . .I am deeply attuned to the difficulties facing the people of St. Vincent." Shortly after, Dr. Fox commandeered Fox Foundation members to board private vessels with the intention of providing all types of relief to St. Vincent residents. These volunteers provided generators, food and water to affected residents; they also helped to evacuate people in the Abaco area. At that time, Dr. Fox and the Fox Foundation set up a GoFundMe account with the intention of bringing attention to the plight of the people of St. Vincent, and hopefully bring in donations from people across the globe.
Just one year later, Dr. Fox stepped up once more to give his fellow countrymen and women a helping hand, this time due to the initial outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Fox lamented that the people of the Caribbean must not wait on tourists who love the Bahamas to assist native people in regrowing the economy. Instead, he enlisted people at the Fox Foundation to gather donations from people in the European Union and beyond. Dr. Fox related that an economy such as that in the Bahamas and Caribbean Islands has been and will continue to be adversely affected by not only COVID-19 but also an overall reluctance to travel.In order to improve the lives of his fellow Bahamians, Dr. Fox states that a proper education including skills training is the chief goal and must be provided to all children. He also states that the economy will not grow if there is not some type of diversification instilled. Without these two implementations, Dr. Fox believes that the Caribbean and the Bahamas may see an economic downturn that will never recover. "In countries such as ours . . . (where) the employment (is) highly dependent upon tourism, the philanthropic sector . . .has a responsibility to . . .provide innovative solutions to local problems," Dr. Fox said recently.Dr. Fox is not alone in this belief. The Centre for Disaster Philanthropy released data showing that wealthy donors to a variety of organizations had given billions to pandemic relief causes. The Fox Foundation wants to provide the foundation for improving the quality of life of all Caribbean island natives. They promote programs that will develop youth in the Bahamas and the Caribbean, provide disaster aid, and build the community. The Fox Foundation has pledged to work with local entities to promote education and skills training. The chief goal of the Foundation is to provide skills so that Caribbean natives can work in industries other than tourism if they choose to do so.Another natural disaster that spurred Dr. Fox to begin providing aid to the people of his homeland was Hurricane Dorian. Dorian was one of the worst natural disasters in the history of the area. In addition, Dorian hit the islands about one year before the outbreak of COVID-19. Dorian caused billions of damage to the islands, and they had not recovered prior to the pandemic. Shortly after Dorian, the IMF provided financial assistance to the people of the Caribbean, but this was little compared to the money the islands needed to rebuild - and this was before the pandemic all but killed international tourism.In October 2020, the IMF released growth predictions for the Caribbean, and they were dismal, drastically lower than previous years. At this time, the Fox Foundation jumped in to persuade other philanthropic agencies across the world to help the people of the Caribbean. Tourism has yet to return to its "normal" level pre-pandemic, and the Fox Foundation knew without the organization's help, the Caribbean's fragile economy could break beyond repair.Dr. Fox and fellow philanthropists are not simply searching for one-time donations that will only get the ball rolling, but for repeat donors to provide long-term relief to the people of the Caribbean while they begin the arduous process of rebuilding and installing educational programs for all. Dr. Fox's goal is to see every child receive an appropriate academic education and skills training that they can use in the workforce. This will provide extra opportunities for children of the islands, bring technological innovation to this part of the world, and hopefully, promote entrepreneurship.Six years in operation, the Fox Foundation is just getting started in helping to build a more sustainable Bahamas and Caribbean. To date, Dr. Fox has raked in over five million dollars in donations to help the people of the Bahamas. Dr. Fox has four major plans for these monies.First, the Foundation will set education and youth development as a priority. It is Dr. Fox's prime objective to provide students with an education and skills training that they can use in a wide range of work places. While no one wishes to see the demise of the tourist industry, he wants children to have an alternative should they wish to pursue their talents in other ways. Dr. Fox believes that alternatives to the service industry will help when hurricanes and flooding take place; these natural disasters drastically impact the tourist industry. The presence of other industries will allow for a diverse economy that will not shut down entirely after a natural disaster.The third and fourth pillars of the Fox Foundation's objectives are community building and medical treatment during disasters. The Fox Foundation wants to see not only physical buildings improved, but also the social construct of his homeland. He wants the community to learn how to work together for everyone's benefit. He also wants to improve medical treatment. Overall, he wants to see his people experiencing great quality of life.Finally, Dr. Fox believes that proper training will help to put an end to "brain drain." This is the name given to the phenomena of young people leaving the Bahamas and the Caribbean in droves to find employment that is steady. With proper skills training and a proper education, Dr. Fox hopes to build businesses that provide services outside tourism. He also wants to see people remain in the Caribbean and make it a stronger community.Finally, Dr. Fox wants to see the Caribbean harness some of its own resources in order to grow the economy. The Bahama Islands and the Caribbean Islands are home to near-shore wind, which is a form of renewable energy. This energy alone could help to pull the Caribbean Islands out of the economic funk caused by the pandemic. Next, pump storage hydro energy is plentiful on the islands, and the islands could export this type of energy. Finally, liquified natural gas is readily available and could also be exported from the islands. If the people of the Bahamas and the Caribbean can learn how to extract these resources, there will be jobs. If the people of the Bahamas and the Caribbean can get jobs in this industry, they will be less likely to contribute to "brain drain," and leave the island for good. This is the dream Dr. Fox has for his beloved homeland.Dr. Adrian Fox is a native Bahamian who wants to see his homeland flourish. He wants the children of his homeland formally educated and able to find rewarding work. He will work alongside the Fox Foundation in order to see this come to pass. After all, his own personal success is a testament that education along with a non-failing work ethic can push anyone on the island to find success.

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